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Find out how SPEC Ltd. Substation Solutions help reduce our environmental footprint

In a world where we are all aware of the environmental impact of everything we produce, SPEC are able to provide clients with sustainable solutions to their business needs. This can be achieved in several ways, which all contribute in reducing carbon emissions and the effect on the planet.

Wind Farm

By using the most efficient products on the market such a low loss transformers, clients receive pay back in energy consumption over the lifecycle of the asset and reduce their effect on the environment by Co2 reduction. SPEC can advise clients on product selection by providing through life costing on traditional products versus energy efficient alternatives.

We encourage the use of products constructed from renewable sources wherever possible both within our business and throughout our supply chain.


Many products from the power industry such as used oil and metals are suitable for recycling once processed. Larger projects undertaken by SPEC will have a Site Waste Management Plan, which will identify how products are disposed and which items can be recycled.


Many items of equipment in the power distribution industry, such as transformers are suitable for remanufacture and refurbishment. These products can be an environmentally friendly solution compared to the purchase of a new unit due to the reduced energy used in the remanufacturing process. Many items can be upgraded to later standards in the process, making them comparable in efficiency during their second life as a new unit.

We carry out a large amount of re-manufacturing of power distribution products both in-house and via our supply chain network. We are able to offer solutions which are cost effective, reliable with a reduced carbon footprint.

In addition to the above SPEC are working within the alternative power source industry on schemes such as the Greater Gabbard project, set to be the largest off shore wind farm in the world. See the news section for more details.


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