Dr Derek Goulsbra

Cable accessories account for the least capital expenditure of a distribution network but can prove to be the weakest component of the system because they have to be assembled on site.

Derek Goulsbra, is a leading industry specialist and has written a theoretical and practical appraisal for Nexans aimed at reducing the expensive cost of failures. The book examines the detailed workings of accessories and provides information to assist high voltage electrical engineers and jointers who are responsible for specifying and installing medium voltage cable accessories.

SPEC Ltd highly recommends Nexans Power Accessories and have worked on several combined projects fitting the Nexans products on site. Craig Wright (SPEC – Power Contracts Director) said, “Having read Derek’s book I’ve found this to be the most useful and informative book of cable jointing, terminating and testing knowledge and one I’ve issued to all our cable jointers as a tool for reference and demonstration to clients in those questionable moments”.

Derek Goulsbra has over thirty years experience working in the field of cable accessories having been heavily involved in product development, failure analysis along with engineer and jointer training.