SPEC Ltd are delighted to announce that Ipsum Group, the newly launched specialist multi utility services business, has selected us as its second partner in their venture into the specialist utilities sector.

SPEC Ltd will continue day-to-day business as normal. This merger will only enhance the ongoing development and growth of SPEC Ltd.

Ipsum, which is headquartered in Preston was backed by Aliter in January 2017 and acts as the holding company for Aliter’s investments into the utilities and infrastructure support services sector. Through investing in SPEC Ltd, Ipsum has broadened its specialist service offering and reach into the electricity sector, diversified its customer base and expanded its geographical footprint.

Statement from SPEC Ltd Directors, Ian Needham and Craig Wright

“As Directors we are very proud of how SPEC Ltd has grown since the start of the organisation in 2000. We would like to thank each and everyone one of our customers and employees as you have supported SPEC Ltd over the last 18 years to make the business what it is today. SPEC Ltd and Ipsum share the same values and philosophy. Ipsum have exceeded our hopes for an investment partner that we can combine with and continue the tradition that SPEC Ltd has for good service, deep expertise and an environment our clients and associates want to be a part of. We are very excited to continue moving the business forward with Ipsum for decades to come.”

Statement from Ipsum Group, CEO Greg Fernie

“I am delighted to welcome SPEC Ltd into the Ipsum Group. I have known Ian and Craig for many years and I have been hugely impressed with what they have achieved and contributed to the specialist sector. With the support of Ipsum Group, I am positive that we can continue to grow and bring further innovation, efficiency and improvements in customer service to the utilities and infrastructure services market.”