Scottish Power,
Substation Rebuilds

Scottish Power, Substation Rebuilds

SPEC have been engaged with Siemens and SPPS under a framework order for several years now and to date have completed over 20 or so 33 and 11 substation rebuild projects. These projects consist of siting a new Siemens containerised 33 kV substation adjacent to an existing or forming a new 33 kV switch room at the side of an existing room.

SPEC take control of co-ordinating all trenching activities, inspecting trenches before cable pulling commences and completing post lay sheath testing. Once all new 33 kV cables are pulled in SPEC in house cable jointers (spps approved) complete all switchgear dead end pfisterer or euromold connections and any containment infrastructure to accommodate cables underneath switch rooms prior to any outages.

When permitted to do so SPEC is engaged at the start of the outages to complete the spiking, cutting and phasing with the spps sap. Upon completion SPEC complete the circuit through jointing which may consist of specialist jointing to an existing old imperial HSL paper lead 3 core cable or 3 x 1 core HSL cables to the new xlpe/cws cables. Upon completion permits to work are suspended and sanctions to test are raised and test carried out in conjunction with the spps SAP. Currently SPEC is engaged in the substation rebuilds at Knutsford and Guilden Sutton.

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