Electrical Cable Fault Location

Electric Cable Fault Location

SPEC Ltd can assist and carry out cable fault location services either on above ground cables, under ground cables or even sub sea cables. When cable faults occur this means companies large or small are at a total loss of power to and off supply. In most cases the means loss of revenue and an immediate response and action plan.

Cable Fault location service are available 24 / 7 / 365.

SPEC Ltd will also:

  • Co-ordinate or organise all required civil works to expose cables and prove.
  • Carry out safe spiking of the identified cable.
  • Carry out safe hydraulic cutting of the identified cable.
  • Complete all phasing, testing and cutting back, prior to starting.
  • Arrange all required joint materials and suitable cables to complete the required through jointing.
  • Test the repaired cable and complete all switching to reinstate supplies upon completion.
  • Arrange for the reinstatement of the ground service, Once all supplies are re-instated.


  • Carry out safe switching of electrical system
  • Commence with pinpointing the position of the fault
  • Take full control of electrical safety
  • Cable Fault location service are available 24/7/365 and include

24/7 call out service.
Available 365 days of the year.