“You have a choice” is the unofficial motto of the competition in connections code of practice. Just because the District Network Operator (DNO) own the network in the area you require your connection it doesn’t mean you have to accept the full quotation from them. Competition gives you a choice and ensures the best possible service for you as the customer.

Your quotation from the DNO will be split into two sections; Contestable & Non-Contestable works.

Non-Contestable works can only be carried out by the relevant DNO (this is ordinarily works the DNO need to carry out to facilitate your connection onto their network).

Contestable works can be carried out by either the DNO or by an accredited contractor; Companies that provide these services are known as an Independent Connection Providers (ICP). These require accreditation via the National Electrical Registration Scheme (NERS)/Lloyds Register; SPEC Ltd are a NERs accredited contractor upto 132kV.

As an ICP SPEC Ltd can carry out the following services under the contestable works;

• Cable Installation

• Substation plant installation and cold commissioning

• Excavation & Reinstatement of Joint Bays

• Testing & Recording of assets installed

• Application for Point of Connection offers and liaison with the DNO

• Design Works for your new connection

• Procure materials and plant for the connection works

• Trench excavation, reinstatement and duct installation

• Construction of substation buildings and other civil works – on site






Standby Power

The UK during certain periods has significant electricity demand from the National Grid, and with such demand can come instability. In order to balance these possible scenarios, fast on-demand generation is required. The way of achieving this is through the deployment of Short Term Operating Reserve generation (STOR), a balancing service, where the provider delivers standby or emergency power when required. This differs from large scale renewable generation which delivers electricity to the grid inconsistently. STOR generators are required to generate power within a stipulated time period contracted to National Grid.

SPEC Ltd are working with a number of STOR operators in regards carrying out connections to grid and balance of plant work. We can also offer a full Engineering Procurement Construct (EPC) package which can include civil works, design and construction, supply, installation and commissioning of generation plant, mechanical and HV/LV electrical services.



Solar power represented a very small part of electricity production in United Kingdom until 2011. The installed base has increased rapidly in recent years as a result of reductions in the cost of photovoltaic (PV) panels, and the introduction of a feed-in tariff (FIT) subsidy in April 2010. As of May 2017, there is a total installed capacity of 12,318 megawatt (MW) of PV solar power, placing the United Kingdom in sixth place internationally in terms of total installed capacity. In 2016 the UK generated 3.4% of its total electricity using solar power.

With the disbanding of the traditional RoC subsidies for Solar in 2017 we have seen developers look at more inventive ways of utilising the technology in way that could still attract investors; Solar & Storage is very much on the horizon and SPEC Ltd are supporting developers with making this a realistic application for this green energy source.




Battery Storage

The increasing need for flexibility to support intermittent renewables has brought battery storage into commercial reality. Grid scale battery storage will play an important role in helping to manage second by second fluctuations in demand, helping to keep the grid stable.

SPEC Ltd see Battery Storage as the missing ingredient in the current distribution network configuration as the nation moves forward with “Smart-Grid” very much becoming a realistic future for the network.

We are at the forefront of helping develop these projects, even down to identifying capacity and suitable sites right through to connecting the site to the grid and offering an EPC Wrap with O&M Services.


Data Centres

The Data Centre Risk Index 2013 (DCRI) found that the lowest-risk European country in which to locate a data centre is the UK. The DCRI report examined 30 of the most vital global markets and the risks likely to affect their operation of data centres. The UK’s top ranking is thanks to the country’s political stability, international internet bandwidth capacity and its data centre resilience.

SPEC Ltd can assist with the grid connection and power requirements for Data Centres. We can assist with the upfront feasibility works in regards to targeting electrical capacity in the network, applying for the connection, liaising with the local DNO, compilation and issue of detailed design, carrying out connection works and substation construction.





Onshore wind energy has established itself as a mature, clean and productive technology. It is now the UK’s largest source of renewable energy generation.

Onshore wind farms reduce CO2 emissions, provide energy security, and contribute to the local and national economy. It works well in the UK because of the excellent wind resource and has become one of the most cost effective forms of renewable energy.

SPEC Ltd has been at the forefront of wind for the last 10 years and even in a subsidiary free future we believe that Onshore Wind has still got a major part to play in the future landscape of energy generation in the UK.


Commercial & Residential

Whether you are an existing PNO (Private Network Owner) or a constructing a brand new site that will be owned and operated by you SPEC Ltd can support with both modifying your sites network or with connecting and installing the new network respectively.

SPEC Ltd also offer a full O&M package for the HV network where you will have full access to our SAPs 24hrs a day via our callout service.

We can also offer HV/LV connection & Installation services for new residential properties and work in a collaborative way with our clients to review any value engineering and the possibility of introducing one of our IDNO partners to add further value to your project.

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