At SPEC Ltd our highly skilled team has in-house access to all the necessary technology to enable us to work professionally on cable joint or cable termination projects up to 66000 volts in various locations from the UK to Eastern European oil terminals, to offshore oil fields.

Our highly experienced team of HV/LV cable jointers are typically able to undertake work on projects, up to 66kV, on typical 3 core and 1 core cables such as XLPE, PILC, PILCSWA, EPR ETC, using heat shrink or cold applied technology where possible, with following combination of cable joints or termination.

Key Facts

  • Straight through joints
  • Breach joints
  • Transition joints
  • Trouser or loop joints
  • Trifurcation joints
  • Trifurcating transition joints
  • Dissimilar sized combination joints
  • Straight forward heat or cold applied terminations

Who we work with