VLF Cable Testing

VLF Cable Testing

Due to the rise in wind farm work and client requests, for VLF testing SPEC Ltd recently acquired the most up to date 60 kV VLF test set.

Having the capability and expertise to undertake VLF testing ensures that we have further added to our portfolio to ensure we can offer our clients a comprehensive range of services.

VLF cable testing is the cutting-edge technology for proof testing of fully operating medium voltage cables and the detection of faults.

The electrical device under test must withstand a VLF (very low frequency) AC voltage for a preset testing time without flashover in order to verify the unit is capable of energization.

The following features make the B2 HVA60 cable tester the outstanding cable test system of its class:

  • Symmetrical sine wave high voltage
  • RMS measurement of output voltage and current
  • Measurement of capacitive and resistive load
  • Display of current test time
  • Integrated real-time scope function
  • Self-explanatory, multilingual software
  • Automatic measurement reporting
  • Report storage via RS232 (USB optional)
  • PC software (HVA Control Center) for data analysis and storage
  • Flashover voltage measurement
  • Time optimized burning mode
  • No regular maintenance required

The HVA60 offers:

  • Cable sheath/ jacket testing
  • Sheath fault location
  • Vacuum bottle test


  • Cable testing
  • Automatic and load dependent frequency selection (0.01 Hz – 0.1 Hz)
  • Predefined standard-compliant cable test sequences
  • Flashover detection and ultra-fast switch off

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