SPEC Ltd were invited to tender for one of the UK’s largest land-based wind farms, built in 2004 this was the UK’s largest wind farm at the time, in terms of turbine numbers and capacity and has a total of 85 turbines today, with a capacity of 200.5MW.

SPEC Ltd maintained this site 4 years ago which has led to a good understanding of the works and ability to provide the manpower during the shutdown period which ultimately led to our success in winning this contract. Site works include 132,000-volt open bar primary maintenance, transformers, NERS, 33kV switchgear, battery tripping units etc. etc. Works are typically carried out during Summer when the wind blows less.

SPEC Ltd. are specialists in maintenance from 132,000 volts down to your main LV panels, ACBs and outgoing devices, PFC and D.C. battery tripping units with around 2,500 contracted sites across the UK.

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Author : Mark Watson